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Sopa de letras

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Download Sopa de letras font


Font styles:
Font styles:


TIFF (bitmap)


OpenType (OTF)

Tagged Image File (TIFF)

Multiplatform compatibility:




Supported languages:

Basic Latin


Gilberto Moya and María Moya


Pisto Casero

Font Version:


Release date:

September 29th, 2012

You are free to:

Install the font in a maximun of 5 computers*.

Use the font in any and as many commercial projects as you would like.

Modify the font and generate a new version of the font, (if you do that, you should let the rest of the people to generate their own versions of the new version you've generated as well).

You can never:

Sell the font.

* This is the EULA (End User License Agreement) for Pisto Casero's fonts and it applies to individual workers (such as freelances) and small companies. There is a different license available if you are a larger company and you need to install this font in a larger number of computers than 5. Please contact me for further details at:

If I'm able to keep creating new fonts, it is thanks to your support. Thank you very much for purchasing Pisto Casero's fonts.

Sopa de letras font

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